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The Chakra System

There are seven main Chakras in the body and Chakras are all about energy. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. So the seven chakras are spinning energy wheels or vortexes located along the spine from the base of the spine to the crown. Chakras are conduits through which the universal energy flows. If one or more of your chakras get cloudy, restricted or blocked, they can cause disturbances and imbalances. The results is stagnating energy which can cause poor health, unhappiness, fear, lack of energy or emotional imbalances.

THE GOAL: To keep the Chakras cleared, balanced and the energy flowing bringing Harmony to the body, that is what Reiki does.

The Seven Main chakras

1st - Root 

Color Red 

Base of Spine

The primary drive is physical survival and grounding.

Imbalance: Insecurity, fear, lack, safety

2nd- Sacral

Color orange 

Lower Abdomen

Sexuality, creativity, reproduction, enjoyment of life

Imbalance: guilt, not satisfied with life, difficult to open up in a relationship

3rd- Solar Plexus 

Color yellow

Above navel

Personal power, will, self-esteem, confidence

Imbalance: Fear, anger, ruthless ambition, confidence

4th -Heart Love, 

Color Green 

Center of Chest

Love, joy, compassion, surrender

Imbalance: Distrust, anger, lack of forgiveness, despair

5th - Throat 

Color -Sky Blue 

Throat area

Communication, speaking your truth, creative expression, writing

Imbalance: Can't speak up and voice your opinions

6th - Third Eye 

Indigo Blue

Center of


Intuition, sense of purpose, self-awareness

Imbalances: No sense of purpose, indecisive, uncommitted

7th - Crown 

Violet or White 

Crown of head

Connection to the Divine

Imbalances: Disconnected to a higher power, loneliness and insignificant

When attendees attend my Reiki workshop, they are taught about chakras and how Reiki can open each chakra to balance the body. Opening chakras is only one of the many techniques that is taught in Reiki workshops. Please click on the tab marked "Classes" to find more about what I teach.

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