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Candy Rose-Lucas

I have been a Reiki Master Teacher for over 19 years, a Massage Therapist for 22 years, I am a Certified Life Coach and I taught in the massage program at AIAM for over 14 years. My life has been all about helping and teaching people.

The first time I took Reiki I had the short version (2 hour classes), and eventually became a Reiki Master Teacher - that was in 2000, but I felt something was missing. I did a little research and found the International Center of Reiki Training, took Usui and Karuna Reiki from the Center and found out there was much more to Reiki.

What I love about Reiki is, it can be used on everyone no matter what there condition. As an Oncology Massage Therapist, I have had training all over the United States and I have found that Reiki is being used in hospitals such as Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where some of my training took place. I have used Reiki with Cancer and Hospice patients. Reiki is used in Hospitals, Clinics, Private Practices and in Healing Services in Churches.


I am a professional member of the International Center of Reiki Training

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